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Christmas Gifts Guide

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It's that time of year again!

With Christmas fast approaching we've come up with a list of the Christmas Gifts for the skier or snowboarder in your life. 

1 Arcade Belts 

Designed to be comfortable and super durable without the cold bit of metal in the middle, Arcade belts have made a name for themselves as stylish accessories that go just as well with your jeans as they do on your ski pants. They're available in a whole bunch of styles from smart daily belts through to more colourful ones for your ski trip.  Plus, they don't set off metal detectors, and they're a bit elastic to help flex and movement. Perfect for your mountain escape this winter. 

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Hydro Flask

The perfect gift for cold and hot activities. Hydro Flask have an insulated design which is perfect for taking your tea / coffee / hot chocolate out on cold adventures, or keeping your water chilled in the summer. Plus, with the choice of tops on offer, you can customise your bottle for sports use, coffee drinking, or just general use. Ideal for every skier or snowboarders backpack. 

See all the styles here: SHOP NOW

3 Beanie Hats

The ideal hat for both winter sports and winter walks! The iconic beanie will likely always be in style and this year we have a whole host of styles from Patagonia, Dakine, Burton, and Amundsen. 

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Airhole Masks

2020 has seen a lot of masks, but Airhole make some of the best skiing and snowboarding face masks around, and they're a great gift!

Designed to keep you warm while letting your breath escape, the Airhole masks are prefect for every type of skier. They're even great on cold winter walks in the UK! 

See all the styles here: SHOP NOW

Hestra Gloves

When it comes to winter gloves, Hestra make the best. 

With over 80 years of experience making gloves for seriously harsh conditions Hestra know what they're up to. Perfect for skiers, snowboarders and mountain users that need next level protection. The range covers everything from apres gloves through to gloves for ski guides and patrollers. 

See all the styles here: SHOP NOW


Stance Socks

The most stylish ski socks in the world!

Stance use a combination of performance fabrics and brilliant graphics to make their socks one of the best on the mountain. Their feel360 technology and structured stitching stop the socks bunching up while the wicking fabrics help keep you warm and dry all day long. And when it's time to kick your boots off, you'll still look stylish in the chalet. 

See all the styles: SHOP NOW

Anon Goggles

Using high performance lenses with the quickest lens change system on the market, Anon have taken snow sports goggles to a new level. The legendary M2 is still a hot favourite but this year we also stock the slightly cheaper and equally cool Anon Sync Goggle that features a magnet and a physical clip to ensure the lens stays locked no matter how hard you slam. 

See all the styles here: SHOP NOW

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