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Atomic Cloud 9 | 2019 Ski Review

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Atomic Cloud 9 Women


Level: Intermediate – advanced


Recommended use: 90% piste // 10% freeride


The Atomic Cloud 9 is one of the world’s best-selling women’s skis, and with good reason. It’s a ski that everyone can enjoy, making things super easy on the piste and not shying away from a little bit of off-piste either. It features a simple, lightweight design that combines race-inspired tech and innovative construction, meaning that whether it’s your first pair of skis, or if you’re transitioning from a high-performance piste ski to something a little more forgiving, it offers reliable performance across the board.


Sitting around the middle of Atomic’s Cloud series, the Cloud 9 is designed to be lightweight and easy to ski for anyone from confident intermediates to expert skiers, and it will go the distance if you want to push it. It excels in the looks department as well, delivering the full package for the modern skier.


Profile-wise, the Cloud 9 features a barely-there Piste Rocker, which increases floatation potential if you want to venture off-piste, and adds a little more agility in variable conditions. The Cloud 9 also features race-ski-inspired full sidewall construction and a medium turning radius, which increases its edge-holding capabilities while remaining easily manoeuvrable and reactive.


But the standout technology in the Cloud 9 has to be Servotec Light, another idea based on Atomic’s race ski technology. Instead of including the full Servotec rod, which generates energy throughout the turn, Servotec Light features the Servotec groove along the top of the ski with an elastomer inlay. So instead of shooting you out of your turns like its aggressive sisters, the Cloud 9 meets you halfway by providing unbeatable vibration dampening. No matter what the snow conditions or how fast you’re skiing, you’ll experience a smooth ride and impeccable edge hold.


Last but not least, Atomic have equipped the Cloud 9 with a Densolite foam core, which doubles down on the vibration dampening, alongside massively reducing the weight of the ski. The result is a ski that allows you to ski for longer, make everything from short to long turns with ease, and boost your confidence in variable conditions.


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