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Before heading into the amazing terrain in the backcountry you need knowledge, training, and reliable safety equipment. 
Never go under the rope without your holy trinity: Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel, and Probe! And know how to use them! 

£ 94.95
The Black Diamond Avalung II features a sling design for comfort and ease of use and could provide an essential air bubble in the case of an avalanche.
£ 49.95
The Black Diamond Strom Head Torch in Black features a fully sealed waterproof housing as well as 350 lumens of power and three colour RGB night vision.
£ 219.95
The Ortovox 3 Plus Transceiver is an intuitive avalanche transceiver which features patented Smart Antenna Technology which automatically switches to the best transmission antenna for maximum...
£ 219.95
The Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Set 3 Plus is a combination of all the top backcountry products from Ortovox including the 3 Plus Transceiver, Beast Shovel and Alu 240 Light Probe.
£ 179.95
The Ortovox Rescue Set Zoom Plus is the perfect set for skiers and boarders looking to start heading into the backcountry, it features a zoom plus transceiver, Badger Shovel and an Alu 240 probe.
£ 49.95
The Beast Shovel from Ortovox is a packable shovel perfect for the backcountry and features a hybrid grip for optimal power transmission as well as a pack friendly blade which offers outstanding...
£ 17.95
The Ortovox First Aid Mini is a must have in your pack which features all the basics you may need in the backcountry.
£ 34.95
The Ortovox Probe Alu 240 features Quick Lock Assembly System with easy to read depth markers for ease of use and only weighs 200g.
£ 309.95
The Ortovox S1 Plus Avalanche Transceiver is an easy to use avalanche beacon which once opened goes straight onto search mode and features Smart Antenna Technology which automatically switches to...
£ 624.95
The Scott Backcountry Guide AP 30 Backpack is a durable and hard wearing avalanche backpack which features pockets for all your safety gear such as shovel and probe as well as ski and board carry...
£ 799.95
The Scott Backcountry Patrol AP 30 Backpack is a high performance avalanche bag which uses a fully electric airbag system as well as being a durable backpack capable of carrying all your gear for...


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