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List of products by manufacturer Burton

Burton Snowboards | Snowboards - Snowtrax

Burton is the world's leading snowboarding company. No other brand has shaped the way we look at snowboarding more than Burton Snowboards. From introducing ground-breaking technologies like the ICS Channel, Burton Step-On Binding system or even the twin shaped snowboard you now take for granted, all the way through to supporting riders who have rewritten history like Shaun White and Mark McMorris. Here at Snowtrax store, we stock the complete range of Burton Snowboards products. From their innovative snowboards, to winter hats, jackets, gloves and other essential apparel for the slopes.

Snowboards (24) View All

£ 224.96 Ex. VAT
Easier than a tricycle with Training Wheels
£ 256.64 Ex. VAT RRP £ 366.63
Amazing all-mountain manoeuvrability and multi-terrain seeker
£ 266.63 Ex. VAT
Park Laps and Pow Days Await

Pants (11) View All

£ 214.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 358.29
Super weatherproof favourite amongst riders
£ 164.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 274.96
Super weatherproof pants that are a favourite amongst riders
£ 106.23 Ex. VAT RRP £ 212.46
Bib pants that move with you in 4-Way softshell stretch fabric

Snowboard Tools & Stomp Pads (4) View All

£ 18.33 Ex. VAT
Easy mounting to display any of your favourite boards on the wall
£ 6.25 Ex. VAT
The entire screw set you need to mount a Burton EST binding to the M6 Channel snowboards.
£ 10.83 Ex. VAT
The Burton M6 hardware is to be used with any Burton Re:Flex binding.

Snowboard Bindings (24) View All

£ 58.31 Ex. VAT RRP £ 116.63
Especially for women, the Citizen Snowboard bindings are great for progessing riders who like comfort
£ 316.63 Ex. VAT
High Performance, Full Comfort
£ 91.63 Ex. VAT
Easy Does It for their smooth learning experience

Backpacks (1)

£ 49.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 62.46
Durable, water resistant, and plenty of packing space for your daytime essentials

Spare Parts (2)

£ 20.79 Ex. VAT
Pocket-friendly and powerful tool for adjusting any binding
£ 11.63 Ex. VAT
Full set of hardware for mounting bindings

Snowboard Boots (19) View All

£ 227.47 Ex. VAT RRP £ 324.96
Pro level features of the Felix boot combined with the next level board connection of Step On
£ 124.96 Ex. VAT
Look Mom, No Laces
£ 57.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 95.79
The Burton Grom BOA is ideal for youngsters who want warmth, comfort, and progression with the speed of the BOA fit system.

Accessories (1)

£ 12.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 20.79
Designed to be swapped out for existing Burton Hi-Backs to give a more surfy, skate feel to your setup.

Jackets (8) View All

£ 81.23 Ex. VAT RRP £ 162.46
Great freedom of movement and keeps you snug in the snow
£ 62.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 124.96
 Keep them warm, dry and raring to go for longer
£ 49.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 99.96
Keep them toasty and happy all day for their snowy adventures

T Shirts (2)

£ 12.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 20.79
Long sleeve tee for layering up or lounging around
£ 12.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 20.79
Long sleeve tee for layering up or lounging around

Hoodies & Sweaters (1)

£ 29.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 49.96
Timeless all-purpose fleece piece that keeps them snug and happy all day

Thermal & Baselayer (6) View All

£ 27.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 45.79
Wrap 'em up well for their wintery sports
£ 27.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 45.79
Wrap 'em up well for their wintery sports 
£ 27.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 45.79
Feel comfortable, warm and fresh all day with this awesome baselayer

Body Armour (1)

£ 19.13 Ex. VAT
For low profile protection that still does a great job, Burton Wrist guards provides the security you can count on.

Hats & Beanies (2)

£ 19.13 Ex. VAT
Classic tight knitted hat that you can style however you like
£ 27.46 Ex. VAT
Classic knitted pom hat that you can style however you like

Kids Accessories (2)

£ 33.29 Ex. VAT
Use as a great tool to attach to pretty much all the kids' snowboard range

Snowboard Bags (1)

£ 39.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 49.96
Rugged yet lightweight board carrier on season, or off season storage solution


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