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This innovative sports equipment company knows a few things about skiing and snowboarding. In 1947, Howard Head develops the first laminated metal ski. Ever since, the innovations have kept coming. In 2002, Head introduced Intelligence Chip technology. They have arguably dominated the race scene ever since. More recently they have incorporated Graphene Technology into their construction for stronger, lighter, skis. Snowtrax are pleased to stock a wide range of Head ski equipment, from the skis themselves to helmets and boots to maximise your safety on the slopes. 

Skis (15) View All

£ 433.29 Ex. VAT
Meticulously designed to instill confidence and offer exceptional balance on and off piste
£ 367.47 Ex. VAT RRP £ 524.96
Built with maximum versatility, meeting a range of abilities
£ 218.73 Ex. VAT RRP £ 437.46
Featuring Graphene the is fused into the ski's tip and tail - Head Kore is made lighter and more responsive in deep snow.

Helmets (5) View All

£ 83.29 Ex. VAT
Optimal comfort and protection for skiing and snowboarding adventures!
£ 83.29 Ex. VAT
Lightweight comfort and protection specifically for women
£ 91.63 Ex. VAT
Fun and functional for your little learners to enjoy carefree snow days safely

Ski Boots (3)

£ 308.29 Ex. VAT
High-performance boot designed to provide comfort, precision, and versatility
£ 308.29 Ex. VAT
Women's specific superior fit for those seeking high performance
£ 399.96 Ex. VAT
Top-of-the-line boot designed to maximize performance, comfort, and versatility

Ski Bags (1)

£ 99.96 Ex. VAT
Durable and convenient wheelie bag for protecting two pairs of skis

Travel Bags (1)

£ 141.63 Ex. VAT
Ample storage capacity with convenient features for easy travels

Goggles (2)

£ 41.63 Ex. VAT
Optimal visual clarity, minimized distortion and great UV protection
£ 41.63 Ex. VAT
Optimal visual clarity, minimized distortion and great UV protection


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