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Whether you're starting out or a seasoned snowboarder, you know you'll end up reaching out with your arms to break your fall somehow. That's why wristguards are so important for your riding session. Browse wristguards at Snowtrax store for brands such as Burton and Dakine to find your essential wrist protection.

£ 19.33 Ex. VAT RRP £ 24.17
Wrist guards are super important for snowboarders of all levels, whether you’re attempting your first turns or your first double cork. Wrist breaks are one of the most common injuries sustained by...
£ 24.96 Ex. VAT
An essential for your safety whether you're a beginner or a seasoned boarder; wrist guards will help prevent common injuries of the sport
£ 37.46 Ex. VAT
Less things for your kids to lose or forget with the Burton Kids Support Mitt; 2-in-1 protection and warmth in one mitten
£ 19.13 Ex. VAT
Low profile, comfortable and easily fits under gloves or mitts; Burton Kids Wrist Guards are one of the most simple and valuable pieces of kit to keep them safe.
£ 66.63 Ex. VAT
A great 2-in-1 solution to wrist support, protection and warmth
£ 11.33 Ex. VAT RRP £ 14.17
The Dakine Wristguard in Black is a low profile wrist guard for easy fitting under your gloves or mitts and has a simple Velcro closure for ease of use.


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