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£ 6.95
The Dakine 10 Inch Scraper is a wide ski and snowboard scraper perfect for scraping off wax after waxing your equipment.
£ 38.95
The Dakine Adjustable Tuning Iron is perfect for waxing skis and snowboard and features adjustable temperature control.
£ 14.95
The Dakine Brass Tuning Brush is a perfect tool for cleaning and exposing bass structure prior to or after waxing.
£ 51.95
The Dakine Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit features all the essentials for ski and snowboard servicing.
£ 14.95
The Dakine Edge Tuner Tool is a precision guide for side edge filing and features a two sided tool for a choice of 0 or 2 degrees of bevel.
£ 9.95
The Dakine Nylon Cork Brush Green 2018 is good for exposing base structure with the brush and using the cork side for rub on wax or extreme cold temperature.
£ 9.95
The Dakine Nylon Cork Brush gives 2 options of brush for exposing base structure and for extreme weather conditions.
£ 6.95
The Dakine Ptex Sticks are polyethylene repair sticks for filling gouges in ski or snowboard bases.
£ 12.95
The Dakine Stance Driver Green 2018 a small ratchet screwdriver set, perfect for on the mountain for any quick adjustments plus comes with an integrated tape measure.
£ 116.95
The Dakine Super Tune Tuning Kit features everything you will need to service your skis or board from files to a waxing iron.
£ 22.95
The ultimate torque driver and multi tool. The Combo Driver has you covered with the right tool with tons of power.


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