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Servicing Tools

We love our gear at Snowtrax so we want to look after it. We have a variety of tools, spares and equipment to keep your alpine gear in top shape. Be prepared for anything with the products we have on offer in store and online at Snowtrax Store.

£ 7.46 Ex. VAT
The essential spare screws for when you need to quick fix your snowboard bindings
£ 12.46 Ex. VAT
Combination lock to keep your favourite snow sport gear safe whilst unattended
£ 14.13 Ex. VAT
Precision guide edge tuner to get those edges exactly how you want
£ 9.96 Ex. VAT
Combination lock to keep your favourite snow sport gear safe whilst unattended.
£ 9.13 Ex. VAT
Best used for when finishing off a waxing on your boards or skis
£ 13.29 Ex. VAT
DataWax’s Black Diamond File is a coarse file used to fix a damaged edge
£ 4.79 Ex. VAT
A vital tool to finish off base repairs and clear of any unwanted P-Tex
£ 9.96 Ex. VAT
If you are only going to get one brush, then grab a DataWax Nylon Brush as it is the most versatile
£ 4.79 Ex. VAT
The perfect tool to scrap away any unwanted wax whilst servicing your skis at home
£ 1.67 Ex. VAT
Sturdy bands of ideal strength for your ski brakes
£ 8.29 Ex. VAT
Customise your boots with the Deeluxe TPS Shield, enabling you to find your perfect flex.
£ 66.63 Ex. VAT
All the essentials to help keep your kit in fine shape.
£ 37.46 Ex. VAT
Wax iron for smooth finishes on your favourite hardware


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