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Best Snowboard Gear of 2021

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Best Snowboard Kit Of 2021

This year has seen an epic amount of technology, design, and creativity go into the snowboarding products. With next generation materials and cleverly integrated features, the 2020/21 season may have been a bit slow but the kit certainly hasn't been! 

So without further ado, here is our list of the best snowboard kit of 2021!


K2 Alchemist 

This insane looking beast is K2's all mountain destroyer that combines superlight tech with high performance materials to make an aggressive freeride machine. The Alchemist is often seen under the boots of super talented Sage Kotsenburg as he rides over and off of things that no normal human should attempt. 

When we tested this snowboard I was blown away by the amount of edge hold and power for such a light an nimble ride. It's super reactive and the edge change is lighting fast. With a reduced swing weight and loads of pop, this snowboard is insanely responsive in all snow conditions. It rails carves and eats varied terrain without hesitation. Recommended for advanced riders looking for a snowboard to push their limits. 


Capita Super DOA

The Capita Super DOA is the tuned up, ultralight, and more responsive version of the standard Defenders Of Awesome snowboard. for 2021 it's core profile has been milled in a 3D shape to provide flex at the tip and tail while keeping huge amounts of pop and response between the feet. To reduce the weight even further, Capita have swapped out part of the core for a high performance polymer that maintains consistent flex while dropping the pounds. 

Other tech includes their stupidly fast base material with a racing "moonshot" tune, Kevlar sidewalls, and super carbon inserts. All this means less weight, more performance, and a truly mind blowing ride. If you've loved the ordinary DOA but want more power and response, this is the snowboard for you. 


GNU Riders Choice C3

You asked, and Gnu listened. The Riders Choice now comes in this C3 Camber version. For snowboarders that wanted the extra precision, power, and control of camber blended with the Asym shape of the Riders Choice, this snowboard is the answer.

As Gnu's most popular snowboard, the Riders Choice has always been a high performing freestyle snowboard with tons of versatility and a dedicated following. The only thing it didn't have - Camber. Gnu have taken their legendary shape and added a powerful camber profile to the mix, making it probably the best Riders Choice Gnu have ever made. 


Snowboard Boots.

Vans Infuse 

Loaded with features and combining Vans legendary Cush insoles, V3 harness, and flex control system, the Vans Infuse is designed to keep up with the most demanding snowboarders. 

Designed for all mountain / freeride snowboarders, the Infuse is super responsive and provides excellent ankle support. Exactly what you need for slaying steeps and hitting larger features. 


Salomon Launch Str8jkt

Salomon's mid flexing all-mountain / freestyle boot combines the support and comfort of a custom heat mouldable liner with their patented Str8Jkt technology for an exceptional fit. 

If you have ever suffered from heel lift, these are the boots for you. For starters they're exceptionally comfortable! The foam in the liner is expands to fill the voids around your foot when you heat it, providing a perfect fit that equally distributes forces across the foot. When combined with the Salomon's Str8jkt (a BOA controlled ankle harness system) this boot completely eliminates heel lift while maintaining comfort and support. Ideal for riders that want a mid flexing boot that will completely support their feet.


Snowboard Bindings.

Burton Genesis 

When a brand like Burton puts it's huge R&D department behind a binding, this is what you get. a super responsive binding that is still comfortable and supportive. 

Rated as a medium flex, the Genesis somehow manages to also be lightning quick and offers the kind of precision normally available from much stiffer bindings. The straps and hi-back design enable the binding to completely encase your boots, meaning that even small movements are transferred to your snowboard. 

This binding is ideal for snowboarders that want high performance without the stiffness. 


Union Falcor 

Union teamed up with Travis Rice for this next level binding. The frame is light and super responsive whilst the EVA bushing and mini disk connector allow for a natural flex in your snowboard. 

Super-light next gen carbon polymers pair up with Union's latest strap designs to offer amazing response and control. The hi-back is uses fused carbon to keep the weight down and the flex is consistent in all temperatures. Perfect for riders that want to attack the backcountry in the morning and huge kickers in the afternoons! 


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