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Garment Care

Being active on the mountain can take a toll on the fabric of your ski clothing - so keep it protected and as resillient as ever. With our garment care options at Snowtrax, you can care for your ski and snowboard outerwear so it doesn't loose any technical features.

£ 6.67 Ex. VAT
Stay fresh as a daisy in your favourite baselayers after using Grangers Active Wash that helps remove odours and bacteria.
£ 7.50 Ex. VAT
Clothing Repel from Grangers keeps your favourite ski and snowboard clothing water-repellent so you stay comfortable and dry.
£ 8.75 Ex. VAT
Specially formulated 2-in-1 solution for washing and restoring water repellency in your favourite ski or snowboard jackets and pants in one easy hit
£ 12.50 Ex. VAT
Specially formulated 2-in-1 solution that washes and protects your down garments and maximises breathability and loft.
£ 8.33 Ex. VAT
Specially formulated solution for washing your down and down-filled clothing with added protection.
£ 2.08 Ex. VAT
80% Alcohol, pocket sized Hand Sanitiser. Ideal for hands or hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of all known germs and viruses.
£ 7.92 Ex. VAT
Easy spray application that restores water-repellent properties to your technical outerwear and maximises breathability
£ 4.17 Ex. VAT
Performance Wash that cleans your favourite ski or snowboard outerwear gear without sacrifising the tech features
£ 8.29 Ex. VAT
The all-natural Leather Balm is made to protect your gloves and is a great way to prevent the leather from drying out
£ 2.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 3.29
Revamp your old gloves with Glove Proof from Nikwax.
£ 6.19 Ex. VAT RRP £ 6.88
Designed to help replenish softshell material garments


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