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Ski Wax

Whatever the temperature, you want to get as much performance as you can out of your skis or snowboard. We have a variety of graded waxes for temperatures and surfaces at Snowtrax so you can be prepared for anything.

£ 14.13 Ex. VAT
High performance all-temperature wax for all conditions.
£ 4.13 Ex. VAT
DataWax’s Alpine Rub On Wax will give you the boost you need on the slope without having to drop your skis into the workshop whilst you’re away
£ 8.29 Ex. VAT
Environmentally friendly cleaner to use as a vital part of your ski or snowboard preparation
£ 3.75 Ex. VAT
PTex bases in perfect condition with the Repair Candles
£ 3.75 Ex. VAT
PTex bases in perfect condition with the Repair Candles
£ 9.96 Ex. VAT
Polar X Dry Slope wax is used to reduce friction and heat build-up on harsh plastic surfaces
£ 8.29 Ex. VAT
Ideal for any condition, All Mountain Universal is for all snow types and temperatures


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