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Ski Boots

Buy ski boots from the biggest brands on the slopes at the Snowtrax online shop. We specialise in the latest custom, freestyle and alpine touring ski boots. If you're not sure what style you need, take advantage of our expertise! At Snowtrax, we have a team of ski boot fitters and can help with boots for wide feet, shin pain, ankle rubbing and special conditions. It's quick, simple and safe to order ski boots for women, men and children alike. If you're not 100% happy with your purchase, we offer easy 14 day returns. Plus, if you'd like to try before you buy, you can get a feel for our ski boots at our shop near Christchurch, Dorset.

£ 249.96 Ex. VAT
The Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S is one of our top ski boots in a wide-fit with a strong/medium flex.
£ 233.29 Ex. VAT
The Atomic Hawx Magna 95 S W is a lightweight, wide-fit boots for women – offering power, control and fun.
£ 291.63 Ex. VAT
Atomic Hawx Prime 110 S ski boot is an alpine boot that is designed with intermediate to advanced skiers in mind
£ 291.63 Ex. VAT
The Atomic Hawx Prime STD 100 is a ski boot intended for a lighter skier who is eager to try and tour the mountain
£ 416.63 Ex. VAT
Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 120 is the perfect balance of an alpine ski boot and a touring ski boot.
£ 291.63 Ex. VAT
Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 95 is aimed at women skiers who want to explore the whole mountain
£ 95.79 Ex. VAT
DRS 60 ski boot is designed to be extremely comfy yet sporty to help up and coming young racers
£ 208.29 Ex. VAT
The Dalbello DRS 75 is for the experienced junior racer who needs the stiffer boot that enables more aggressive skiing
£ 391.63 Ex. VAT
Dalbello's Lupo AX 100 is the perfect versatile crossover between alpine boots and touring boots
£ 433.29 Ex. VAT
Dalbello Lupo AX 120 ski boot is the perfect crossover of alpine and touring boots
£ 416.63 Ex. VAT
The Dalbello Lupo AX 120 is a high performance ski boot with both freeride and touring capabilities. Featuring an excellent walk mode as well as tech inserts for hiking.
£ 54.13 Ex. VAT
The Dalbello Menace 1 0 Junior Ski Boot offers great all mountain performance for youngsters that want to take their riding to the next level. Featuring a 1 buckle closure system for easy on and off.
£ 333.29 Ex. VAT
The Panterra 120 GW impresses with its great mix of comfort and performance.
£ 249.96 Ex. VAT
The Dalbello Panterra 95 W GW Ski Boot is a high performance ski boot for intermediate or lighter skiers. Designed for women looking for a comfortable and customisable boot.
£ 249.96 Ex. VAT
The Full Tilt Descendant can endure all day charging and a provide comfort you will love
£ 216.63 Ex. VAT
Maximum control and heel hold is guaranteed with the Full Tilt Kicker ski boots, allowing freedom to freestyle until your heart's content.
£ 249.96 Ex. VAT
The Head Edge LYT is an easy entry performance driven ski boot which is great for mastering skiing's learning curve.
£ 316.63 Ex. VAT
The Head Edge LYT series of ski boots are lovely and lightweight for ease of effort when skiing, because who says it should be hard work?
£ 404.13 Ex. VAT
K2’s Mindbender 120 boots are a versatile, responsive, and powerful ski boot thanks to its walk mode, tech inserts and Pebax cuff
£ 337.46 Ex. VAT
K2’s Mindbender 90 Alliance boots are a versatile, responsive, and powerful ski boot thanks to its walk mode
£ 24.96 Ex. VAT
Alpine versions of replacement ski boot toes and heels for your K2 Mindbender ski boots.
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