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Ski Review | 2019 Salomon S/Max W10

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Salomon S/Max 10 W


Level: Intermediate - advanced


Recommended use: 100% piste


New for the 2018 / 19 season, the Salomon S Max 10 W is a sleek, elegant piste ski for women who really want to tear up the groomers and push the limits of their speed. If you’ve decided the off-piste isn’t for you, or of you want a specific pair of carving skis that won’t break the bank, the Salomon S Max 10 W is an ideal choice.


Inspired by race skis, but designed to be a bit more forgiving and easy to handle on both short and long turns, stability and power feature big in this ski. Built with full sandwich construction, the S Max 10 W is snappy and solid, allowing you to hold an edge like a dream, but it’s still reasonably easy to control if you’re coming to it from a confident high-intermediate level. Salomon’s scene-stealing technology, the Edge Amplifier, is also a highlight feature. A complete redesign of the ski interface, the Edge Amplifier allows you to transfer 100% of your energy into the edge of the ski, which results in supremely powerful turns from start to finish, allowing you to really ride those edges to the max and have full confidence at high speeds.


Salomon have put every other design feature of the S Max 10 W towards maximising ski to snow contact, from the styled-up, compact tip built for minimal flappage to the snappy wood core and of course, those beefy ABS sidewalls. You’ve also got Salomon’s classic Pulse Pad underfoot to help dampen vibrations and provide a smooth ride, even if you’re railing it through late-afternoon chop. Lastly, double titanium laminate reinforcements make sure you’re getting every last bit of strength and stability possible, while a mid-sized radius means you can nail long or short turns with no compromises. If you want a piste-specific ski that’s easy to handle but can be pushed to the limits, this is it.

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