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For the explorers and adventure seekers who crave steep and deep runs in the backcountry - we now stock a range of Splitboards and everything you need to make you splitboard tour unforgettable! 
We have splitboards from awesome brands like Arbor Snowboards, Libtech, and Burton. We only stock models that we've personally tested and approve of! #WeTestWeKnow

£ 597.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 996.63
Weight is a huge factor when you are hiking uphill on a split snowboard. With this in mind, Burton have created a super lightweight weapon in the FT Flight Attendant X Split.
£ 1,041.63 Ex. VAT
The Family Tree Howetown Hero is the only Splitboard that you'd ever need to go further than ever, if you dare!
£ 349.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 583.29
Based on the go-to freeride platform of the Flight Attendant, the Split version is ready to hike off into the sunset and find hidden stashes not accessible to the masses.


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