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The evolution of snowboards is so fast-paced, it's mind boggling! This is why the expert team at Snowtrax Snowboard Shop test every snowboard we sell, both in store and online. If you need advice on the performance of a snowboard, our team will be able to give you real first-hand knowledge, not just numbers or promotional blurb. At Snowtrax, you can shop Snowboards from top snowboard brands including Burton, Salomon and GNU. Plus, we offer free binding fitting to save you hassle and maximise your safety and comfort while you ride. Check out our snowboard range in store at our five acre site near Bournemouth, or order online with free standard delivery to the UK mainland. #wetestweknow

£ 204.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 341.63
Adapts to all terrain and features medium flex with great pop
£ 279.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 349.96
Lightweight and versatile, this board shines for the intermediate all-terrain freerider.
£ 259.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 324.96
From the new rider to the next jib master, that wants big potential at an affordable price
£ 182.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 304.13
Perfect for the park but can tackle most other terrains you wish to conquer
£ 259.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 324.96
The easy-riding board that can do anything for the rider that does a little of everything
£ 292.46 Ex. VAT RRP £ 324.96
The ultimate slush and powder board for all who love good vibes
£ 264.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 441.63
Solid freestyle dominator with extra pop, yet optmised dampening
£ 303.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 379.13
The resort and park freestyle destroyer with a loose fee
£ 240.59 Ex. VAT RRP £ 320.79
Jib-friendly shape, flex, and camber profile for the beginner to intermediate
£ 340.59 Ex. VAT RRP £ 454.13
Freeride brain with a Freestyle soul
£ 759.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 949.96
The Ultralight supreme Orca freestyle evolution has come
£ 406.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 508.29
Hit the rails or put it on rail and trench, your toes won’t drag but your knuckles might
£ 353.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 441.63
All-mountain ripper with a renewed shape for 2024!
£ 196.32 Ex. VAT RRP £ 490.79
The Never Summer Harpoon is perfect for riders looking for an agile, responsive snowboard that’s at home in and out of the resort.
£ 294.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 490.79
Harpoon is the best performing, tapered, volume board ever imagined with amazing nimbleness, smooth and freakish stability.
£ 279.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 465.79
Get surfy, get floaty, get funky, and be up for anything on the Women’s Harpoon from Never Summer
£ 244.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 407.46
Just a junior version of the Proto Synthesis, featuring the biggest advancements in snowboard technology ever created
£ 299.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 499.13
Never Summer Proto Synthesis is an All Mountain Twin, proving for the 4th time real American snowboard innovation can improve upon perfection. 
£ 294.48 Ex. VAT RRP £ 490.79
Shaper Twin snowboard gives you balanced and exceptional performance in every terrain ventured
£ 399.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 499.13
All mountain beast that can conquer it all
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