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The evolution of snowboards is so fast-paced, it's mind boggling! This is why the expert team at Snowtrax Snowboard Shop test every snowboard we sell, both in store and online. If you need advice on the performance of a snowboard, our team will be able to give you real first-hand knowledge, not just numbers or promotional blurb. At Snowtrax, you can shop Snowboards from top snowboard brands including Burton, Salomon and GNU. Plus, we offer free binding fitting to save you hassle and maximise your safety and comfort while you ride. Check out our snowboard range in store at our five acre site near Bournemouth, or order online with free standard delivery to the UK mainland. #wetestweknow

£ 445.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 557.46
Ride in all conditions on all corners of the mountain
£ 432.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 540.79
Float away to Valhalla on all the powder you can find
£ 253.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 316.63
All mountain freestyle fun that gives you confidence on any terrain
£ 223.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 279.13
Versatile, fast and playful for all terrain and all the fun you could wish for
£ 223.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 279.13
Improve your skills and enjoy any terrain for a budget friendly fee
£ 279.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 349.96
Freestyle centered board with true twin shape for all mountain exploring
£ 164.98 Ex. VAT RRP £ 274.96
The Heartbreaker snowboard is a soft-flexing all-mountain board for riders of all ability.
£ 249.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 312.46
Pump energy back into your riding with the Heartbreaker
£ 283.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 354.13
Every day on the Saturday is a weekend
£ 299.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 374.96
£ 303.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 379.13
Twice the fun of a Warpig in a twin version of one of Ride’s best selling snowboards
£ 343.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 429.13
The hog is fat and ready for slaughter, with a sufferin' succotash graphic for added fun
£ 286.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 358.29
Lively and playful for all mountain freestyle friendly entertainment
£ 359.97 Ex. VAT RRP £ 449.96
The Highpath is a premium all-mountain board with recycled materials
£ 286.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 358.29
Our flagship park and freestyle board, developed by riders, built for all
£ 233.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 291.63
An accessible all-mountain board with bio-sourced materials
£ 266.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 333.29
A team favourite park and jib board built for the streets
£ 266.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 333.29
Perfect for all riding abilities anywhere, in all conditions
£ 403.30 Ex. VAT RRP £ 504.13
Go-to Slope style board for our comp riders
£ 329.21 Ex. VAT RRP £ 365.79
Truly universal and accessible board; find your Happy Place
£ 386.63 Ex. VAT RRP £ 483.29
Full powder steering for an awesome ride
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