Thermic Dryer 230V UK

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Thermic Dryer 230V UK

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Thermic Dryer 230V UK

No more wet shoes with ThermicDryer!
Dampness is uncomfortable and also offers an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow. Colds and chronic athlete's foot can be the result.
The ThermicDryer fights against moisture, bacteria and germs efficiently and systematically.

Dries completely soaked boots or gloves within only a few hours

Preserves the materials and works effectively

Compact and quiet

Suitable for all shoe types and shoe sizes

Package content: 1 ThermicDryer (available as 230 V or 120 V)

1. Use

Drying and hygiene system. Suitable for all boot types and boot sizes (as well as for gloves).

2. Models

Type 120V: Voltage: 120V/60Hz | Plug: US | Operation: Continuous operation Manual ON/OFFType 230V EU: Voltage: 230V/50Hz | Plug: EU | Operation: Continuous operation Manual ON/OFFType 230V UK: Voltage: 230V/50Hz | Plug: UK | Operation: Continuous operation Manual ON/OFF

3. Heating power

Type 120V: Heating power:50 wattsType 230V EU: Heating power: 50 wattsType 230V UK: Heating power: 50 watts

4. Heating element

Ceramic power resistor

5. Heat exchanger


6. Temperature at the nozzle:

45°C / 113°F (at a room temperature of 20°C / 68°F, after 2 hours)Controlled

7. Air flow rate

2,600 l/h on every nozzle

8. Rotational speed of the fan

2,700 rpm

9. Temperature control on heating element

Type 120V: Thermo switch: 105°C/221°FType 230V EU: Thermo switch: 105°C/221°FType 230V UK: Thermo switch: 105°C/221°F

10. Safety function on heating element

Type 120V: Thermal fuse: 125°C/257°FType 230V EU: Thermal fuse: 125°C/257°FType 230V UK: Thermal fuse: 125°C/257°F

11. Case

ABS plastic, impact-resistant

12. Compliance

Compliant with all applicable EC Directives, CE-marked

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