G3 Ion 12 Binding 2018

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The G3 ION 12 Binding 2018 is a high performance tech binding has been updated for the 2018 season and now uses BootStop for quick and easy toe alignment.

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The G3 Ion 12 Binding has been redesigned for the 2017/18 ski season and now features a BootStop design as well as being lighter and simpler with fewer moving parts. It is aimed at big mountain and freeride skiers who want maximum retention and reliability in their tech binding, while at the same time being simple and intuitive so you can get on and go skiing quicker. The new BootStop design makes putting your boot in super simple as it will stop the boot for you and it will be lined up with the pins.

Superior Performance
The Ion family of bindings is engineered to the highest performance standards. The optimal toe elasticity and forward pressure in the heel result in maximum energy absorption and consistent release during active use. The wide freeride mount transfers power to the edges, enhances torsional rigidity and provides superior pull-out resistance. Rigorous testing in the lab combined with real-world field testing by users pushing the limits on skis help create the best performing binding in their class.

Simple and Intuitive
Ion bindings feature fluid, efficient and confidence inspiring step0ins and transitions. The integrated BootStop aligns your boot toe for a quick, easy and consistent engagement. The QuickFlick heel lifts are easy to grab with your ski pole or hand while the omni-directional heels allows you to turn the binding heel in either direction to lock for touring. The bindings have been built to require a single Pozi Drive #3 for all mounts and adjustments, reducing the number of tools you need to carry with you. The driving factor for these features when designing the binding was to have the best possible user experience every time you go skiing.

You know a binding does its job when you don’t notice it all day. The snow clearing channel allows easy ice and snow discharge preventing build up and unwanted prerelease. The brake is spring loaded and fully retracts giving a reassuring step-in and confidence in its ability to stop bigger freeride skis. The heel AFD (anti friction device) ensures consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type. You don’t have to worry about the binding. Just ski and ski hard.

• Weight: 579g Per Binding
• Din Range: 5-12
• 22mm Length Adjustment
• BootStop Design

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G3 are one of just a few independent backcountry equipment specialists in the industry. They’ve been making backcountry specific equipment for over 20 years and so can be trusted to make some of the best gear in the business. Their ethic is to keep you safe whilst having as much fun as possible off the beaten track!

We’re big supporters of this ethic here at Snowtrax, so we’re stoked to get G3 skins and bindings available in-store and online.

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