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List of products by manufacturer Dakine

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This American outdoor apparel company specialise in sportswear and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Dakine was founded in 1979 in Hawaii, and comes from the Hawaiian Pidgin word "da kine" (derived from "the kind") – this roughly translates as 'the best of'. It's an apt name, because if you want the best of gear for skiers and snowboarders, Dakine is a great choice! They are highly regarded as suppliers of tougher than tough luggage, gloves and accessories for lovers of snowsports. From stylish Dakine ski hats to hardwearing luggage, you'll find a comprehensive range of their products on our website.

Servicing Tools (6)

£ 38.95
The Dakine Adjustable Tuning Iron is perfect for waxing skis and snowboard and features adjustable temperature control.
£ 14.95
The Dakine Brass Tuning Brush is a perfect tool for cleaning and exposing bass structure prior to or after waxing.
£ 14.95
The Dakine Edge Tuner Tool is a precision guide for side edge filing and features a two sided tool for a choice of 0 or 2 degrees of bevel.
£ 8.96 RRP £ 9.95
The Dakine Nylon Cork Brush Green 2018 is good for exposing base structure with the brush and using the cork side for rub on wax or extreme cold temperature.
£ 9.95
The Dakine Nylon Cork Brush gives 2 options of brush for exposing base structure and for extreme weather conditions.
£ 6.95
The Dakine Ptex Sticks are polyethylene repair sticks for filling gouges in ski or snowboard bases.


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