GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole and Tripod

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Portable and super useful, the GoPro Short Extension pole and tripod

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A combination of a mini-extension pole and also a tripod. This super versatile mount comes in a compact design that means you can take it just about anywhere! In length, it comes in at 4.6 Inches (11.7cm) which can be tucked in your pocket on the way out the door! This is the perfect mount for selfies and tripod shots!

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Looking for a robust action camera to capture your moves on the slopes? GoPro help skiers and snowboarders capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others, and celebrate them together. A day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun. These cameras are surely the world’s most versatile, used on countless television productions. Buy your GoPro from Snowtrax at the same time as you stock up on ski gear or snowboarding apparel, and capture every moment of your next big adventure!

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