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Snowboard Buyers Guide



You’re excited and want to buy a new snowboard from our range. They all look good but which one should you get? Two basic questions first. How good are you? And where do you want to go?

Honesty will get you further here than your mum and dad ever promised! A beginner about to head out on a season will grow out of a beginner board very quickly compared to a beginner going on holiday for a week, so think about how much snowboarding is waiting around the corner for you.


Less than 3 weeks on a stick, turns are just about there, friends are digging you out of deep snow after each powder turn!


You’re everywhere on the hill, turns are good, shredding lines between lifts, trying to tickle out a bit of switch, straight airs are your holiday snaps.


You forget you’re actually going switch, cliff drops are intentional, and you use hand plants to attract the opposite sex.

Sorted out what level you are? Now it’s deciding where on the hill you want to be?


Rail riders look here. Butter that crumpet. These boards are short, twin shaped, forgiving, cheap and strong. Beginners should also look here as this is perfect first steps snowboarding wrapped in fun!


Anything in the park is yours for the taking. Slightly stiffer than a jib stick, with more pop for when you go big. Still short and easy to spin, true twin or directional twin, this is for the rider in the park and out.


The whole mountain is yours. Directional shape hard pack, laid back powder turns and that odd trip into the park when your mate drags you there.


You scoped your line, hiked it, dropping into steep couloirs, stomping cliff drops and long lazy cut backs. If no one else is there, you are.

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