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Helmet Buyers Guide

Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Helmets are a must have piece of equipment for all skiers and snowboarders, no matter what standard you are. A helmet should fit snugly on your head but not so tight it gives you a headache! We stock a vast range of helmets for all head shapes & sizes. To see our full range, click here!

The most important thing when buying a ski or snowboard helmet is that it fits properly on your head. It should be comfortable and offer you the best protection. Follow our guide to get properly sized.

1. Wrapping a tape measure around your head from the middle of your forehead around the back of your head. This measurement will be your helmet size, usually in cm.

2. Upon receiving your helmet. Align the front of the helmet above your eyebrows and pull the helmet over the back of your head. If the helmet has an adjustable fit system ensure this is set at its largest setting.

3. Tighten up any adjustable system until the helmet feels snug.

4. Make sure there are no unwanted gaps between the helmet lining and your head. Make sure the back of the helmet does not touch the back of your neck.

5. The helmet should fit snugly, give your head a little shake you shouldn’t feel your head knocking around inside the helmet.

6. Make sure the helmet fits well with your goggles.

Remember, you only have one head, it’s worth looking after!


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