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Ski Boot Buyers Guide

Buying ski boots is not something that can be done in 5 minutes. Unlike buying a new pair of shoes a ski boot requires a precise fit. Each model of boot has a different shape & will suit a certain foot type.

We highly recommend that you visit us in our Boot Lab to ensure you get the best possible fit.

We offer full analysis of your feet, free of charge.

A ski boot fitting will typically involve:

  • Precise measurement of each foot & analysis of foot shape.
  • Selection of a range of ski boots determined from the measurements taken, your skiing experience, weight, ankle shape and calf shape.
  • Shell check to ascertain if the size is correct.
  • Several suitable ski boots will be tried on for initial fit.
  • An insole or footbed will usually be recommended; various options are available & will be discussed.
  • The best fitting boot will then have the liner custom moulded to your feet; we may also stretch the shell as this point to offer a more customised fit.
  • The boots then need to be broken in at home before hitting the slopes!
  • Re fitting is free of charge & often only requires a few minor adjustments to enhance the fit & comfort.

This is why we recommend visiting us in The Boot Lab to purchase your boots!

All our ski boots are sized in Mondopoint. This is an international measurement that all boot manufactures use, therefore it is easy to compare one make to another. Below is a conversion chart you can use as a rough guide.


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