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Snowboard Boot Buyers Guide

In an ideal world you should try on a few pairs of snowboard boots before you make your final decision. Sometimes this isn’t always possible but with all our boots being heat mouldable it makes sense taking advantage of this. New snowboard boots always take a few days, if not weeks to break-in but this can be done within 20 minutes in store by one of our technicians in our Boot Lab. At the same time they can advise how the boots should feel in terms of size and stiffness. Foot problems? No worries, further customisation can also be done with more supportive foot beds, heat packs etc.

If you can’t make it in store, no worries, your boots will mould in time to your feet, it just takes that bit longer. A few hints for the perfect fit are:

Start with your UK shoe/trainer size. - Your toes should be comfy whilst not lost in the boot.

Bend your knees and flex forward. Your toes come away from the end of the boot? This is good, we don’t want cramped toes. Lean on your heels and make sure your toes don’t pop out of the boot!

Get onto tip toes. Do your heels lift out the back of the boot? Up to 1cm is ok as this will be cancelled out by your binding ankle strap.

Still not sure? Take out the foot bed and put your foot on it. You will soon see if your foot overhangs the foot bed in length or width.

For more information on our boot fitting services, check out our Boot Lab.

For further advice please contact us. +44 (0) 1202 499155 or sales@snowtraxstore.co.uk


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