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List of products by supplier: Ortovox

£ 183.33 Ex. VAT
With a user friendly interface, improved motion sensors and advanced antenna system, you'd be silly not to take the 3+ Avalanche transceiver on your backcountry exploring.
£ 37.50 Ex. VAT
Lightweight but very valuable tool for when you're exploring the backcountry; don't want to be weighed down but you want to be prepared!
£ 58.33 Ex. VAT
The New PFA quick assembly system probe from Ortovox enables professional level trekkers to more accurately examine a deep snowpack
£ 116.67 Ex. VAT
Super lightweight, comfortable and so handy for long days of ski touring for carrying kit and all your essentials
£ 220.83 Ex. VAT
A convenient kit of everything you could need for a successful companion rescue in the mountains
£ 41.67 Ex. VAT
The Beast shovel enables you to dig easily and quickly, and features a telescopic handle for as much or as little leverage as is needed.
£ 22.50 Ex. VAT
A comprehensive first aid kit for accidents on the mountain with the Ortovox First Aid Roll
£ 141.67 Ex. VAT
Double the accessibility with back and front panels, the Haute Route 40 allows you the make the most the large compartment for all the essential ski touring essentials.
£ 141.67 Ex. VAT
The Ortovox Peak 35 is made for excelling in high alpine, with lightweight and abrasion resistant materials so it is perfect for ski touring


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