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List of products by manufacturer Leki

Leki’s foundations were firmly laid back in 1948, by Karl Lenhart in his wood processing plant. As with many brands beginnings, Leki was born out of Lenhart’s dissatisfaction of the quality and functionality of the ski poles that were currently being produced. He began to manufacture his own grips and baskets for ski poles, before they went into mass production in the 1960’s. Lenhart quickly began producing fibreglass composite shafts, mounting sleeves and high-strength aluminium poles which kick-started an industry revolution. During the 70’s Lenhart used these technologies to begin producing poles under the brand name Leki.

Their success brings us up to date in 2018. Now widely regarded as one of the best pole manufacturers in the world, we’re proud to stock Leki ski poles here at Snowtrax.

Ski Poles (13) View All

£ 94.46 RRP £ 104.95
The Leki Bluebird Vario Ski Pole is a lightweight backcountry ski pole which features an adjustable length coupled with a Trigger S Grip and swappable powder or piste baskets.
£ 98.96 RRP £ 109.95
The Leki Carbon 14 S Ski Pole is a super lightweight ski pole which features an 100 percent carbon shaft coupled with a Trigger S Grip for added safety and comfort.
£ 53.96 RRP £ 59.95
The Leki Drifter Vario S Ski Pole is an adjustable length junior alpine ski pole which features a high quality Trigger S Grip and Speed Lock technology.

Ski Poles (6) View All

£ 83.97 RRP £ 119.95
The Leki Carbon 11 S Ski Pole 2018 is a super lightweight, alpine pole which features Lekis Trigger S system.
£ 76.97 RRP £ 109.95
The Leki Carbon 14 Ski Pole 2018 is a lightweight ski pole which features the Leki Trigger S system.
£ 13.97 RRP £ 19.95
The Leki Checker X Jr Ski Pole 2017 is a simple junior ski pole with a colorful and stylish design.

Ski Race Protection (4) View All

£ 34.16 RRP £ 37.95
The Leki Gate Guard Closed Lite 2019 is compatible with Trigger S Leki ski poles for protection through the gates.
£ 42.26 RRP £ 46.95
The Leki Gate Guard Closed Worldcup 2019 is a hard wearing ppole guard for race skiing and is compatible with Trigger S Leki Ski Poles.
£ 65.66 RRP £ 72.95
The Leki Shin Guard WC Pro Junior are durable and hard wearing shin guards for kids which offer protection to your shins through the gates.

GoPro Cameras (1)

£ 24.75 RRP £ 27.50
Get the best shots of the mountain with the Leki GoPro Adapter which turns your Leki ski pole into a pole for your GoPro.

Gloves & Mittens (3)

£ 107.96 RRP £ 119.95
The Leki Griffin S Glove in Black is a warm and comfortable leather ski glove for women which features Primaloft insulation and a Trigger S Loop.
£ 112.46 RRP £ 124.95
The Leki Progressive Tune S BOA MF Touch Glove in Black is a warm and comfortable ski glove which features new BOA technology to give the perfect fine tuned fit as well as a Trigger S Loop to pair...
£ 76.46 RRP £ 84.95
The Leki Stella S Lady Glove features Primaloft insulation for supreme warmth on the mountain and works amazingly with Leki Poles thanks to the Trigger S Loop.

Spare Parts (1)

£ 21.38 RRP £ 23.75
The Leki Trigger S Vario Straps are comfortable replacement wrist straps compatible with Leki Trigger S Grip ski poles.


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