Volkl Katana V Werks Ski 2018

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The Volkl Katana V Werks Ski 2018 is the ultimate freeride powder ski for expert skiers, whether its for touring or just deep powder skiing, the full rocker profile offers exceptional float.

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The Volkl V Werks is an expert level freeride ski for skiers who want maximum performance hiking up while not compromising downhill performance while it boasts an unbelievably lightweight feel thanks to a combination of a 3D.Ridge carbon construction and a full carbon jacket. A 3D.Ridge construction has a raised platform underfoot for grip and stability while it levels out towards the edges for a reduced swing weight. The full rocker construction gives a super manoeuvrable feel in powder while giving amazing float, while at the same time the further on the edge you are the more edge contact and grip you get. Other features to help reduce weight is an ICE.OFF Topsheet which reduces the amount of snow build up on the Topsheet of the ski as the surface structure makes snow simply slip off to help reduce fatigue. Volkl recommend using any binding from the Marker royal family or a Marker KingPin.

Volkl’s 3D.Ridge technology is probably the most extreme and effective construction technique that currently exists/ it has become a symbol of Volkl lightweight construction. The distinctive characteristic of this technology is a raised central ridge that sharply levels out towards he edges, both in front of and behind the binding. This reduces the inertial mass around the fulcrum to a minimum and significantly enhances the agility of the ski. At the same time, the center ridge allows for precise dimensioning of the hardness distribution, which leads to an especially harmonious flex on the ski. Despite the weight savings, the 3D.Ridge ensures that there are no compromises in the ski’s durability and elasticity.

Full Rocker
Volkl Full Rocker is a smooth, gradual bend from tip to tail, with matching sidecut and a symmetrical flex pattern. All the benefits of extra manoeuvrability in soft snow while delivering smooth, long arcs on groomed terrain. The matching flex and sidecut on the full rocker gives you full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more the ski is on edge the more effective that edge becomes, and the resulting smoothness and predictability is uncanny.

ICE.OFF Topsheet
The next step in effective weight reduction. ICE.OFF Topsheet stands for the latest Topsheet technology on Volkl’s touring skis. The unique surface structure and material composition reduces icing as the snow simply slides off the Topsheet. This leads to a drastic reduction of weight in use, on average up to 20% to 30%. In addition, mainly white graphics support the anti-icing effect. Lightwe skis prevent fatigue, especially on long and steep uphill sections.

Sidecut: 141-112-131 (at 184cm)
Radius: 23.5m (at 184cm)
Weight: 1880g (at 184cm with binding)

- 3D.Ridge Carbon
- ICE.OFF Topsheet
- SkinPin
- Moderate Taper
- Full Carbon Jacket
- Canter Sidewall
- P-Tex 4500 Base
- Multi Layer Woodcore
- Full Rocker

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