Union Force Binding White 2018

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The binding that kick started it all, the Union Force is the epitome of strong and dependable.

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When the best snowboarders in the world choose Union completely based on merit, you know you are getting a lot more than the status quo.
A brand within the brand, the Force delivers the durability and purity of performance demanded by 100-plus-day-a-year riders. An indestructible binding that can handle any condition or terrain with all the features you need and nothing you don’t. Extreme all day comfort, season after season dependability, and backed by a lifetime warranty base - the Force is simply down for the duration.

The Original
Pioneering the concept of “True Flex” base design, Union was also the first binding on the market to incorporate bombproof Extruded Aluminum Heelcups, and Magnesium Buckles.

Bang for the buck
Compared to other bindings in this price category, the Force stands alone. We have combined superb materials, features and function that merge into an overall value that is second to none.

Force Highbacks
Arguably the most iconic Union part of all time, the Force highback is a classic design that has stood the test of time. Performance, comfort and durability are a few of the reasons they have been redesigned, but not redefined.

Blended to provide a smooth and responsive ride, Duraflex ST Nylon retains this intended performance in a broad range of temperatures.

Multi-Density Thermoformed Bushings sustain their function season after season - unlike competitors who use urethane, rubber or other materials that change color and become brittle over time.

The rigidity and strength of Extruded Aluminum acts like a roll cage on a race car - stiffening the entire chassis. The male/female connection with the base provides seamless response.

Duraflex Injected Multizone Force Highbacks are tapered towards the top, providing flex and tweakability where you want it, support and durability where you need it.

Three dimensional Direct-Connect core evenly distributes strap pressure and allows lateral freedom. Minimized stitching provides exceptional durability.

This Union exclusive process produces a material 4 times the strength of aluminum with only 1/2 the weight. Plus magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant element on the planet.

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Looking for comfort and a secure grip on your snowboard? Maximise your fun on the slopes with Union snowboard bindings from Snowtrax. Manufactured by the Union Binding Company, this is a brand that has quickly established itself as an excellent choice of quality binding. They strive to improve the connection from the rider to the snowboard. Their gear is dependable, durable, and gives all levels of riders the ultimate in comfort. Snowtrax hold an extensive range of Union bindings so if you are after some expert advice then contact one of our snowboard sales team. We put all our products through their paces on our five acre site before they reach the shelves. This means expert, tailored advice, not just parroted product descriptions! Buy online with free standard UK delivery on orders over £50.

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