Superfeet Copper Insole 2013

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Superfeet Copper Insole 2013

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Superfeet Copper Insole 2013

Superfeet COPPER DMP® naturally molds to your unique foot shape through daily wear, giving you a personalized fit without having to heat the insole in an oven. As the DMP® foam adapts to the shape of your foot, the insole's biomechanical integrity remains intact for support and stabilization. Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole.


Ideal for low to medium arched feet, yet accommodates all arch types.


Adds molded comfort to most dress, casual, service, industrial, golf and any footwear with removable insoles.

Without Support

A repetitive standing and walking routine can result in sore heels, arches and feet. Unsupported feet strain to balance and absorb shock. Muscle fatigue in feet can make the back and whole body feel tired.

With Superfeet Insoles

Professional and fashion footwear fits more comfortably. Structural advantage improves balance and energy to make long periods of walking and standing less fatiguing. Knees, hips and back are less strained and more relaxed.


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Do you need insoles to make your skis or snowboard bindings a better fit? Superfeet make super products for your feet – simple! Their insoles for skiing and snowboarding can help make your time on the slopes more comfortable, enjoyable and safe. Buy them online from Snowtrax, with free standard UK delivery when you spend £50 or more.

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