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Will I Still Be Able To Ski This Winter

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Will I Still Be Able To Ski This Winter?

It’s a tough question for sure, and whilst we cannot guarantee it, it looks like “Yes, you will be able to ski this winter.” is the response… But, it’ll just be a little different this time around.

With case numbers fluctuating and the end of the UK/EU transition period coming up, this winter is sure to be out of the ordinary. As record early season snowfall hits across the Alps, and it gets a little wintery back home, you can bet thousands of skiers and snowboarders are starting to look at options for this winter season. 

Local and national level restrictions are subject to constant change in accordance with the latest government advice. Although this makes it tricky to plan ahead, several travel agents and travel insurance companies have stepped into the breach - Offering free cancellations or amendments if you go into lockdown before departure, and guaranteeing to cover you if the government changes their mind. 

A good example of this is Crystal Ski’s booking promises here: https://www.crystalski.co.uk/covid-reassurance/?icid=cshpb-2-covidreassurance-100920

There's Good News...

You might not think it, but there might be a few upsides:

Social distancing measures are likely to make lift queues a bit smoother, while the actual chairlifts and cable cars will be much less crowded than previous years. Less crowded slopes make for better skiing and shorter lift lines overall. And, since it’s a pet peeve of mine, the airports should be a better experience with more social distancing and better sanitisation. 

Also, if you’re into sustainability, this year gives you a marked opportunity that you wouldn’t normally get. With reduced numbers in resorts, you make up a bigger percentage of the market. Where you choose to go, and where you spend your money, will send a bigger message than ever before. By supporting resorts that are working on reducing their carbon footprint, you can amplify the call for a better winter sports industry and a more sustainable future for skiing and snowboarding. 

The same applies to any equipment you buy. Where you spend your cash is a vote of confidence for that brand and that retailer. So make it count! Supporting UK based retailers and sustainable brands will help ensure they can continue into future seasons.

What about the quarantine? 

As I’m writing this the airlines are trying to push for pre-flight screening that would enable people to travel without the quarantine restrictions and without risk of spreading the virus upon return. It’s not there yet, but hopefully it will be there before the season really kicks off. 

Some countries will maintain isolation periods to safeguard their populace, and some countries will be put on lists by the UK that affects our travel. However, overall, there is a push to make travel easier - especially closer to Christmas. 

So, what should I do?

Whilst some things listed above may change. However, if you are reading this , like us, you're probably desperate to get away with your skis! So, here are some tips to help plan your winter.

Get insured, check which operators are being the most flexible and offering the most guarantees, and check the government advice before you book anything! 

Insurance wise, some policies will cover all aspects of Coronavirus that might affect your travel. However, some will only cover very specific events and situations. Look out for policies that will cover you if government advice changes, if you have to cancel due to self isolation (or that of a family member), and will cover you if you are exposed to it while abroad. 

Good travel agents should provide you with their booking terms in relation to Coronavirus, so go for the companies who are taking extra steps to be flexible with your booking, and will go further to keep you safe while you’re travelling. 

Government advice. The gov.uk website has the latest information regarding each country and their individual status. 

It has been really inspiring to see the ski industry pull together and work hard to make it possible for us all to hit the slopes this winter. 

A UK Alternative.

Our ski test team and the beautiful views from Glenshee Ski Centre in the Cairngorms National Park

Flying to Europe, America, or Canada will always be an epic way to go skiing. But, did you know that the UK does have some epic skiing too?! And, there’s no airports or inter-country restrictions in place within the UK at the moment.

Heading north and you can find some great whisky, huge lochs, and the unrivalled beauty of the Scottish Highlands!

We have been to some Scottish resorts and had truly awesome days. In fact, we tested all the 2021 skis in the Scottish resort of Glenshee (link here), and we were able to find powder and some pretty fun conditions after a little exploring! Sure, it’s not as polished as an alpine town with gondolas and upmarket ski shops. But, in it’s own way, Scotland is charming and has quite a bit of terrain on offer. 

Also, the amount of ski touring possible in the highlands is astonishing, and there really is nowhere else quite like it. If you’re interested in getting beyond the resort, Scotland has some unique opportunities. 

Covid -19 and Skiing

While it’s not possible to give any concrete answers, one thing we can say for sure is that "Skiing will happen this winter!". Whether you’re carving up the pistes in the Cairngorms or if you’ve found your way abroad to the Alps, skiing will still be possible. And if you happen to need some new kit, our friendly team will still be here and they’re always happy to help.

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Don't Forget Your Local

In times where outdoor fun is the safest way to recreate, don't forget that a few laps of your local dry slope can help keep your technique strong and your muscles ready for hitting the pistes. The UK has a surprisingly large array of local slopes who offer all sorts of activities that range from tubing runs all through to advance ski race training! If you're local to us, we can highly recommend getting in some time at our centre and skiing on our brand new Proslope material!! 

For more info on our ski slope visit www.snowtrax.eu

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