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Top 5 Ski Boots of 2021

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Top 5 Ski Boots of 2021 - Snowtrax

The 2021 Ski Season is looking like it is going to be a good one, snow is starting to fall in the alps and there is some awesome new Ski Boot tech on the market.

We've spent the last few months testing out brand new ski equipment and writing about it for our online store. After much deliberation, we have compiled a list of Top 5 Ski Boots of 2021!

Ski boots are a vital part of skiing equipment and making sure you have the correct boots is even more important. So without further ado, here is our Top 5 Ski Boots of 2021.

 All Mountain – Lange LX 100 Ski Boots

The Lange LX 100 ski boots provide a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

The Lange LX 100 ski boot was our fastest selling ski boot of the 2020 winter season and we believe it is going to be a massive hit for 2021 too.

The Lange LX 100 provides the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Designed to deliver the power and precision demanded by the most committed all-mountain skiers, it uses Lange's innovative Dual Core construction - making it incredibly responsive and very light.

The LX 100's combination of lightweight construction and responsive flex enable precise, high performance skiing where you feel at one with your boots.

For female skiers, Lange have manufactured LX ski boot series in a 90 flex as well as a female specific fit, to provide maximum comfort and performance for ladies who want to ski all day long.

The Lange LX also comes in a 120 flex too, so if you’re looking for a stiffer boot, but also want the perfect balance of comfort and performance, then don’t worry, Lange has your back.

Freeride/Touring – K2 Mindbender Ski Boots

A versatile performance boot for touring and shredding the resort.

The K2 Mindbender ski boot is our favourite hike and ride boot for 2021. If you’re looking for a ski boot which performs great on the piste as well as helping you get fresh lines away from the crowds, then the Mindbender could be the ski boot for you!

The K2 Mindbender is a versatile, responsive, and powerful ski boot. Its walk mode (the main feature of a touring boot which allows increased flex for a more natural walking feel), tech inserts (which enable you to use the boot with touring pin bindings) and a Pebax cuff (well known for its unique combination of lightweight, flexibility, energy return and exceptional reliability) that make alpine excursions fun and easy.

We are stocking the K2 Mindbender in a 120 flex for men and the K2 Mindbender Alliance 90  for the ladies who also want to take on the whole mountain.

The K2 Mindbender has a 98mm last, but from our experience of skiing in this boot, it is a generous 98mm. We quite like the generous feel as some touring boots can feel quite tight and harsh on your feet.

Also, and for some people most importantly, the 2021 K2 Mindbender Ski Boot looks awesome!

Freeride/Touring – Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 120 Ski Boots


A revolutionary ski boot that blends the lines between all-mountain skiing and freeride touring.

The term ‘revolutionary’ gets bandied around a lot in the Ski Industry, but we can actually say with confidence that the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 120 ski boot is a revolutionary boot. Blending all-mountain and freeride touring the Hawx Ultra XTD lives up to it’s big mountain reputation.

It brings you the legendary feel, skiing power, and all-mountain capability of the Hawx, paired with the epic natural movement of Backland thanks to Free/Lock 2.0 ski-to-walk mechanism.

The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 120 also features Atomics NEW Mimic Liner. The pre-shaped heel, ankle and tongue in the Mimic liner feature a layer of supportive, heat-mouldable material. After being softened in the oven, this material has the ability to expand and contract as it mimics the precise shape of your foot, and hardens in that shape for a perfect fit that gives complete support. 

Freestyle – Full Tilt Kicker Ski Boots

Maximum control and heel hold is guaranteed with the Full Tilt Kicker ski boots, allowing freedom to freestyle until your heart's content.

Brand new for 2021, the Full Tilt Kicker ski boot is a wide last (102mm), affordable freestyle boot.

With Full Tilts 3-piece construction, their boots retain lateral stiffness and maintain maximum foot control no matter how you flex them.

The Full Tilt Kicker features a Evolution Shell which adds the much needed depth to the Full Tilt line. Designed for those with a wider foot, the Evolution shell incorporates a higher volume fit and a 102mm last.

One of our favourite features on the Full Tilt Kicker’s are the flick buckles. Basically, the lower buckle is flipped to be out of the way and sits on top of the boot. This is so when you hit rails and fall off the buckle won’t hit the rail and break off or bend.

Comfort – Nordica HF 110 GW Ski Boots

The HF 110 caters to every skier who just wants to keep skiing, guided by the mantra ‘Performance made easy’.

The Nordica HF 110 GW “rear entry” ski boot was created with the mantra ‘Performance made easy’ in mind. The Nordica HF 110 caters to every skier who just wants to keep skiing.

The HF has a super easy “rear entry” shell which opens up to 40°! This is so that you can easily slide in and out of the boot, providing maximum comfort. This rear entry boot may have been created with comfort in mind but still provides a great fit and performs amazingly when on the hill. 

The Nordica HF 110 is equipped with Nordica’s beloved 3D cork liner which provides a comfortable but firm heel hold. Both liner and shell can readily be customised for a more personalised fit.

Many ski brands have tried to bring back the rear entry ski boot but we personally believe the Nordica HF 110 GW is the best we’ve ridden.

If you are thinking about getting a pair of ski boots this year and want a bit more information about how to choose the perfect ski boot, check out our blog here about ‘Top Tips on Choosing Ski Boots’.

At Snowtrax we offer a professional boot fitting service. Book a boot fitting appointment here and one of our expert ski boot fitters will walk you through selecting the perfect boot for you and then customise the boot so that it fits your foot perfectly.

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