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Shelter - A film with Picture Organic Clothing

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With the effects of Climate Change becoming more apparent with every passing season; a crew of 5 athletes take a reduced carbon footprint trip through the alps to explore the mountains. Using only public transport and foot power they traverse mountain passes on splitboards and skis while riding some of the most epic terrain the Alps have to offer! 

This film is loaded with the epic riding of Jeremy Jones, and Mat Schaer, and the wild skiing of Léo Taillefer! Shelter pairs amazing riders with huge terrain - all accessed from public transport or human power. 
Totally worth watching!

It is a great look at how we can enjoy the mountains without the carbon cost! For more info check out Picture's website here: https://www.picture-organic-clothing.com/shelter/en/

and for more great content check out their youtube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/PictureOrganiChannel

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