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Volkl Mantra 102 - Ski Review

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Volkl Mantra 102


Bindings Included? No


Use: 30% piste / 70% powder


Ability: Intermediate / Advanced / expert


In a nutshell: A versatile, fat all-mountain ski that charges hard across the whole resort.


Following the massively successful revamp of the Volkl M5 Mantra last year, the 2019 / 20 winter season sees a makeover for the rest of the Mantra series as well. The Mantra 102 is the fattest Mantra in the range and features similar upgrades to its skinnier cousin, the Kendo 88, but with a more freeride-focused shape and profile.


Equipped with an uber versatile 102mm waist, directional shape and gentle rocker-camber-rocker profile, the Mantra 102 serves up plenty of float in deep snow but retains maximum edge contact on the harder stuff. This ensures a smooth, powerful ride and optimal grip, even on hard or choppy snow, while the Carbon tip reduces weight at the front of the ski and keeps vibrations to a minimum.


But perhaps the standout features of the Mantra 102 are the Titanal Frame and 3D Radius Sidecut, which help make it extra versatile, as well as a little easier and more fun to ski across a variety of conditions, all while retaining Volkl’s trademark glidey, stable and chargey characteristics. The Titanal Frame consists of a full metal sheet through the base, while through the top side of the ski you’ll find a full metal sheet underfoot, but throughout the front and back of the ski it takes on more of a framework positioned around the edges, right where you need it most. This shaves off some extra weight but also has the benefit of creating a natural-feeling, consistent flex pattern that can be skied as aggressively as you like.


Another excellent new feature is the 3D Radius Sidecut, which blends three differently sized radii into the sidecut of the ski. By incorporating a mid-sized radius into the underfoot area of the ski and larger ones in the front and back sections, it really allows you to play around with your turn shape, seamlessly switching from short turns over bumps or through the trees to long, laid out carves on the groomers. If you love pushing the limits of your skiing, whether it’s hiking in-bounds lines, blasting through afternoon crud or laying out mean carves on the piste, the Volkl Mantra 102 will have your back.


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