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Head Supershape i-Titan - 2020 Ski Review

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Head Supershape I Titan


Bindings Included? Yes


Use: 80% piste / 20% all-mountain


Ability: Advanced


In a nutshell: An uber-versatile piste ski packed full of performance enhancing features.


Head’s Supershape ski range is a bestseller across the globe and it’s easy to see why. Each ski in the collection is packed with accessible technology that makes skiing on the piste just that bit more fun. The I Titan is the most versatile of the bunch, featuring the widest waist and the most tip rocker, making it a standout performer in everything from early morning hardpack to ankle-deep spring slush.


Aimed at the advanced skier who loves sending it on the piste whatever the weather, the Supershape I Titan is equipped with Head’s standout technologies to make the ride smooth and stable at all times. By far the most interesting addition would have to be Kers, a feature based on Formula1 tech that’s designed to give you an extra boost at the end of a turn. It takes the vibrations built up in the ski throughout the turn process and uses them to stiffen up the tail as you’re coming out of the turn, which helps you move quickly and effectively into your next turn, resulting in less vibration, less chatter, more fun and more speed.


Coming in at a close second, features-wise, is an internal layer of graphene, a Nobel-prize-winning material that’s feather-light and super strong. The thinnest, lightest and strongest substance on the planet, it provides a strong, consistent flex pattern from the tip to the tail of the ski, that helps keep you balanced so you can put even more power through your turns. This is the ideal ski to consider if you love going fast; it has plenty in common with Head’s performance race skis but in a more versatile and less aggressive package, which means you won’t feel forced to rail it all the time; the mid-sized radius and generous tip rocker ensure it’s nimble underfoot and allows for a range of turn shapes. But when you want to go full send it’ll provide maximum fun and maximum confidence – perfect for the keen piste skier who likes to take multiple mountain holidays throughout the winter.


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