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Atomic Vantage 82 Ti - 2020 Ski Review

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Atomic Vantage 82 Ti


Bindings included? Yes


Use: 70% piste / 30% powder


Ability: High intermediate / advanced


In a nutshell: A progressive piste ski that’s great for an occasional off-piste excursion.


The Atomic Vantage 82 Ti is a ski for the dedicated piste skier who’s not averse to making the most of the off-piste when the opportunity arises. Packed with technology and materials to provide a smooth ride and snappy turns, the Vantage 82 Ti will be fun for skiers of any level from the high intermediate end of the spectrum. Sitting at the skinnier end of the Vantage range, Atomic describe the Vantage 82 Ti as a ‘progressive piste ski’ and they’re certainly not wrong; one of the hallmark features of the entire range is responsiveness and stability in a lightweight package, which this ski has in droves.


Atomic have made pains with the Vantage 82 Ti to make sure they’re getting maximum performance with minimal weight. Standout additions include Titanium Tank Mesh, a titanium mesh insert which strengthens the ski without the extra weight of a plate insert, while the Energy Backbone provides extra power in areas where it really counts. Combined with a good mid-sized radius you’re left with a lightweight ski that’s stiff enough to really drive through turns but easy to handle on those days where you just want to cruise.


Elsewhere, the Vantage 82 Ti features the classic directional shape and camber of a piste ski, with solid Cap Sidewalls and a powerful, springy wood core that make it particularly suited to hard snow. However, subtle additions like a 10% tip rocker keep you afloat in the powder when needs must without sacrificing performance on the hardpack. Overall, this is a really versatile ski that’s great for all kinds of piste conditions, and the occasional trip out to the sides. Perfect for the piste ripper who spend a lot of time skiing with their kids or groups of varying ability, the Vantage 82 Ti excels on the piste, can happily pootle along during family time and allows you to venture confidently off-piste with adventurous buddies.



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