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Using the ski boot sole length you supply, we will mount the bindings to the skis. On some skis this involves drilling into the body of the skis. Please ensure this measurement is correct as adjustments at a later date can be complicated (skis with binding systems where no drilling is required can easily be adjusted by a qualified technician).

All details are used to determine the release settings (DINs) on your bindings. For safety reasons it is important you supply us with accurate information. DINs can easily be adjusted by a qualified technician using a DIN chart to calculate your setting.

IMPORTANT NOTE – We strongly recommend you have your boot to binding fit checked by a qualified technician before use. Without physically having your boot to set the bindings, we cannot perform final safety checks. Your local or resort ski shop should be able to do this for you, usually they do not charge for this.

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Beginner / Lower
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  • Cautious skier
  • Ski conservatively
  • Prefer slower speeds
  • Favour lower than
    average release /
    retention settings
  • Or entry level skier
    uncertain of their
  • Average / performance
  • Ski at a variety of
  • Prefer to ski on varied
    terrain, including most
    difficult runs.
  • Aggressive Skier
  • Normally skis at high speed
  • Prefer steeper & more
    challenging terrain
  • Favour higher than average
    release / retention settings
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We will mount your bindings onto your skis in the manufactures recommended position. If you wish to have your bindings mounted elsewhere on the ski (eg + 2cm, or core centre) then please include this in the additional details section. If you are unsure then please call us for advice.


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