Salomon Ivy Boa STR8JKT Womens Boots Bordeaux 2018

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The Salomon Ivy Boa STR8JKT Boot Bordeaux 2018 offers exceptional comfort and features Salomons STR8JKT for speedy lacing and superb heel hold.

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What we say...
A softer flexing boots that is comfortable and forgiving. Great for beginners and intermediate riders who want a secure fit for performance but also the softest touch and extra warmth. The lacing system is super easy to use and combined with the STR8JKT inner pull you have a plush fit that is locked in.

Lock your feet down with supreme comfort. STR8JKT features an additional inner heel harness for a no-heel lift ride and optimal comfort. We upgraded the strap design and made it all more ergonomical so that it’s easier to untighten and more comfortable to use.

Easy and quick to tighten with the flick of your wrist. Boa is the #1 choice when it comes to clean, simple and quick lacing.

Heel Grip
Specific Cat-Tongue material at the heel side, your socks are perfectly gripped into the boots for increased heel-hold.

• BOA lacing system
• STR8JKT inner lacing
• Diamond liner
• Ortholite C2 foot bed
• Flight Outsole
• Heel Grip
• Wash and Wear liner

What Salomon say...
The Ivy Boa Snowboard Boot offers a boatload of comfort with Boa STR8JKT for speedy lacing, supreme heel-hold, and response.
What do you get when you combine the speed and ease of BOA with the STR8JKT? A problem solver. The Ivy Boa snowboard boot offers a boatload of comfort with Boa STR8JKT for speedy lacing, supreme heel-hold, and response. While the memory foam Ortholite C2 insole keeps you toasty. The ingredients of the Ivy add up.

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Salomon are one of the world's largest ski and snowboard manufacturers. Their range includes not just the skis and boards themselves, but also top end winter sports equipment including helmets, boots, gloves, and even body armour. In short, Salomon make everything you need to have fun, stay safe, and look cool on the slopes! Snowtrax Store UK carry a comprehensive range of their products, from ski hats to snowboard boots, with free standard delivery if you spend £50 or more.

Salomon have long been the most innovative and progressive manufacturer on the planet. Their breakthrough products include the Pocket Rockets, Xscreams, and the new BBR range. Plus, Salomon know how to make a fantastic ski boot. The Salomon Custom Shell range of ski boots provides a fully heat mouldable lower shell (clog)! That means that you can heat mold the shell and liner to get the right fit. Thanks to Salomon, custom ski boots are now available to the masses – and not just the Salomon race teams!

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