Mons Royale Daily Dose Neck Warmer Scatter Peppermint 2018

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The Mons Royale Daily Dose neckwarmer is ideal for keeping you snug on cold chair lifts

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If you run a little hot or just want something that’s light and packs down small to keep the wind or sun off, this is the solution.

• Soft, warm merino wicks perspiration and stays odour free. Naturally.
• Single Jersey Merino
• 100% Merino

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Mons Royale is a thermal under-wear brand like no other! In 2009 some brands were already using this miracle-like fibre called Merino Wool, which is warm, odour resistant, and moisture wicking. However, thermals still weren’t cool let alone sexy, and that’s where Mons Royale pledged to change things. There’s no reason why thermals can’t be both high performing and good looking. The result is some amazing garments that feel great on the hill, and still look good in the bar afterwards!

Mons Royale can be found in-store here at Snowtrax or online where you can enjoy free delivery to Mainland UK on orders over £50.

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