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Meet the Hero 7

"Insanely Smooth Video"

That's the quote from GoPro about their latest tech, HyperSmooth
It's the first time GoPro have added this level of stabilisation to their action cameras, and you can get a feel for how good it is from their launch video below.
So, what does that mean for us as skiers and snowboarders? 
Well the stabiliser works to smooth out vibration and sudden movements from the footage which means that we can now attach the cameras to more vibration prone bits of equipment without having the worlds shakiest footage. 
For example, the helmet cam angle. A notoriously shaky spot. Especially when skiing or riding on hard pack snow. (Think kicker run ins or rutted cat tracks) 
But now you can attach your Hero 7 to a bunch of previously unusable areas on our equipment.
If you wanted footage this smooth previously you would need a friend with either a 3 axis stabiliser or the worlds smoothest technique. 
If that doesn't sound like a huge leap don't forget that the GoPro's sensor is recording in 4K while also handling the pixel mapping at the same time! It's also got a bunch of cool features like stabilised hyperlapse and the ability to live stream direct to instagram and facebook (through GoPro's mobile app).
It's currently only available in their top end Hero 7 Black edition. But at £379.99 it's cheaper than the previous Black edition and packs a bigger sensor, smart capture modes, and the ability to shoot 1080p HD at 240 frames per second. That allows you to play things back 8 times slower than real life! 
I expect that over the next few days there will be lots of buttery smooth videos of peoples pets, but as the winter closes in I can't wait to see what everyone can do with these things in the snow!
Personally I'll be strapping mine to the tip of my snowboard with a bunch of sticky things so I can get those beautiful low down shots while cruising on pow days. 
They're available online now and in store from the 27th so if you want to come and have a closer look our staff will take you through them. 
We'll be posting a review of one soon too. 


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