Forcefield Mons Jacket 2018

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Offering the ultimate in protection for skiing or snowboarding on the hill, grab the Forcefield Mons Jacket.

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Offering the ultimate in protection for skiing or snowboarding on the hill, grab the Forcefield Mons Jacket.

• CE Level 2
• Heat activated body moulding
• BeCool™ Construction
• Removable armour
• Highly Flexible & breathable
• 3D moulding
• Machine washable (with the armour removed)
• RPT (Repeat performance Technology)
• Front zip fastening
• *Optional height adjustable waist belt

What we say...
With Removable armour and a machine washable shell, the Mons Jacket from Forcefield is the perfect blend of back, shoulder and elbow protector and base layer. The construction of the fabric is BeCool which helps with ventilation and breathability. RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) means you can ensure a consistent performance even after multiple impacts, as well as the actual back protector is CE Approved to EN1621-2 Level 2. On top of this it is highly flexible and lightweight, combined with the 3D moulding aspect allow the back protector to fit exactly to your body.

What Forcefield say…
The Forcefield Mons Jacket incorporates a highly flexible and breathable CE approved back protector housed in an ergonomically designed jacket made from a technical fabric to create the ultimate base layer. The light weight and 3D moulding CE Level 2 approved back, shoulder and elbow armour is located inside internal pockets so they can be easily removed to allow the Jacket to be washed. The Jacket also features RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) ensuring protection is given even after multiple impacts.

The body of the Mons Jacket is created from BeCool™ a unique fibre that has a greater diffusive area than standard fibre; this ensures high levels of breathability and comfort. During exercise, the unique shape of the BeCool™ fibre means it acts like a fan extracting hot and wet air away from the body and replacing it with cool and fresh air to help maintain core body temperatures in both cold and hot conditions.
Along with the heavy-duty zip and comfort beard guard there is an optional securing waist belt that can be height adjusted to ensure the optimum fit.

Maximum protection and all-day comfort.

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Forcefield - ABOUT THE BRAND

Buy Forcefield body armour for skiers and snowboarders at Snowtrax. Forcefield introduced the concept that body armour doesn't have to be hard, rigid and uncomfortable. Their soft armour technology is flexible, moulds to the users' body, stays in place, and is so comfortable that you wouldn't think about getting on the hill without wearing it. What's more, it's been proven to offer superior protection compared to mainstream hard plastic protectors. Spend £50 or more on Forcefield body armour at Snowtrax for free standard UK delivery.

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