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Snowboard Binding Buyers Guide

Snowboard bindings are often neglected but are arguably the most important part of your set up. They make the control interface between your boots and your snowboard, so there are several factors to consider when purchasing them. 

Your style of riding: 
We'll break it down into three categories: Park/freestyle, All Mountain, and Freeride. The different riding styles require the bindings to perform differently. Freeride, for example, requires a binding that can deal with loads of torsional force and have accurate power transmission between the rider and the snowboard for excellent edge hold on bigger terrain. Where as a freestyle binding would be designed for more flex to allow riders to twist and deform the boards during butters and presses. All Mountain bindings are somewhere in the middle, offering some compromises but over all offering a lot of versatility. 

If you're a beginner something too soft will make the board feel loose, so aim for a binding with mid flex that will give a bit of forgiveness while still offering good control. 

What size / brand snowboard boot you use:
Bindings come in various sizes to fit your snowboard boot. Each brand will list their compatible sizing with each binding - For example a binding might say "Medium (UK size 7.5-9)".
Sizing differs between brands so please check which size will fit your boot best. Some boots feature a reduced length (i.e. Salomon and Burton) making them size realistically a whole size down whereas some boots fit wider (i.e. 32’s and Vans) and need a bigger binding. 
When choosing your binding make sure the heel of the boot is snug in the binding and that there isn't an excess of room between the boot and the edges of the base plate.
For precise recommendations just contact our team and one of them will be happy to help point you towards the binding that suits your needs. 

What type of snowboard you ride:

As with your riding style; the kind of snowboard your using (flex,profile, and shape) will work better with some binding types than others. In general your binding flex should mirror your snowboard flex and compliment your riding style.
Stiffer snowboards require more strength to control so your binding will need to be able to transmit the required forces to the snowboard.So using soft bindings on a stiff snowboard will cause lot of wasted energy. Conversely, a stiff binding on a soft flexing snowboard are likely to reduce the flex and forgiveness of the board making it feel more jittery.  

Some snowboard brands specifically design their boards and bindings to work together but generally the method of fixing bindings to a board is universal across the industry which means you can take your pick. You may want a different brand of binding to your snowboard to utilise a quick entry system or to work well with a specific boot. If you are unsure you can email or call our team and we can go through the options with you - email sales@snowtraxstore.co.uk  or call 01202499155

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