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Snowboard Binding Buyers Guide


Bindings are often neglected but are arguably the most important part of your set up. The right binding can increase your comfort levels, give you infinite adjustment or just help you get in and out easier than KY jelly.

Exactly the same as buying a snowboard, think about what level you are at now and also what level you’re riding will be at in the future. If you buy a beginners snowboard now but plan to get a pro stick further down the line, you can take your bindings with you, instead of buying a new board and bindings when the time comes. Just remember that although some more expensive bindings will be stiffer and more difficult for a novice to use, on the whole, when you pay more you get better materials, comfort and features yet still something usable for a first timer.

Some brands specifically design their boards and bindings to work together but generally the method of fixing bindings to a board is universal across the industry which means you can take your pick. You may want a different make of binding to your board to utilise a quick entry system or to work well with your new rocker board. If you are unsure just ask.

Sizing differs between brands so please check which size will fit your boot best. Some boots feature a reduced length (i.e. Salomon and Burton) making them size realistically a whole size down whereas some boots fit wider (i.e. 32’s and Vans) and need a bigger binding. Again, if you are unsure, please ask.

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