Black Diamond Avalung II 2018

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The Black Diamond Avalung II 2018 is a small shoulder strap to significantly extend your fresh air supply in the event of a burial.

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Designed to help significantly extend your fresh air supply in the event of a burial, the time-tested AvaLung provides you with a lightweight, affordable and proven life-saving tool when traveling in avalanche terrain. It works by delivering fresh air from the valve box and expels CO2 to the exhaust port which is directed away from the body. Using the Avalung can increase air supply from around 15 minutes to up to 58 minutes in the event of an avalanche.

• Allows An Avalanche Victim to Breathe Fresh Air Directly From the Snowpack
• Diverts CO2 Away from Fresh-Air Intake
• Ultra-Lightweight – Only 265g (S/M)
• S/M Fits 44kg to 73kg
• M/L Fits 68kg to 102kg

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Black Diamond - ABOUT THE BRAND

Since 1957 Black Diamond have always been about climbing and skiing. Born out of a family of users, the best products are always made when they are created by those who love the sport!

We find Black Diamond Skins to be some of the best we’ve used here at Snowtrax, so if you need advice, give us a call or drop by the store. We have a range of products available online and in-store.

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