Arbor Coda Rocker Snowboard 2018

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Perfect for the seasoned freerider who need a board that is up to all challenges. No matter the terrain or snow condition this is your everyday resort and backcountry performer.

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What we say...
A firm favourite with us at Snowtrax, the Arbor Coda is a great all-mountain/freeride snowboard. Super smooth cruising at speed thanks to the Bamboo Power Ply top sheet whilst still being nice and snappy between turns. The edge grip, even on the rocker version, is pin-point with the aid of Grip Tech that extends the edge out under the binding area for increased grip. Grab the Coda Rocker for more float in the soft stuff or grab the Coda Camber for accurate carving on groomers.

What Arbor say...
The Coda Rocker is designed for the seasoned freerider who’s at home in or out of bounds and needs a board that’s up to all challenges. The design is about versatility. No matter the terrain or snow condition, this is your everyday resort and backcoun¬try performer. The Coda is available in both a Rocker System and Camber System version. The Coda Rocker offers a more surfy ride with natural float and clean¬er tracking.

• Bamboo Power Ply
• Thunderhead Tip Profile
• Double Barrel II Core
• Sintered Base
• Mixed Glassing
• 2x4 14-Pack Inserts
• 360 Rails
• Three Year Warranty


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Arbor’s commitment to craftsmanship and the environment where they ply their trade, is once again underlined with their range of snowboards.

Arbor are dedicated to creating the highest performing snowboards, with the best tech, with sustainable materials for the good of the planet. Launching their snowboards in 1995, Arbor set out with a unique mindset, incorporating rider created artwork into their handmade boards. Their desire was –and still is- to inspire a generation of snowboarders to care about the environment as much as they care about the board under their feet.

It’s for these reasons we love Arbor and stock their snowboards here at Snowtrax, available online or in-store.

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