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We love our gear at Snowtrax, so here are this week's featured favourites picked by our team.

£ 499.96 Ex. VAT
This is the big brother to the Bent Chetler 100 and it is a ski designed purely to shred the biggest of mountains and deepest of powder.
£ 358.29 Ex. VAT
The Burton [ak] 2L GORE-TEX Swash jacket remains popular with snowboarders everywhere due to the high-tech features that you benefit from!
£ 332.46 Ex. VAT
Meet Carv; the world’s most advanced wearable ski coach device!
£ 483.29 Ex. VAT
For a whale of a time, the Orca from Lib Tech offers possibilities as wide as the big blue ocean
£ 147.46 Ex. VAT
Oakley’s popular goggle, the Flight Deck, has been redesigned in more sizes to fit more avid snow adventurers.


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