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List of products by manufacturer Dynastar

Dynastar have been designing and making skis since 1963. Based out of Chamonix, this ski company has the perfect testing ground to produce the highest quality freeride skis. Dynastar make a great range of skis that look great and handle well on the slopes. This stems from Dynastars passion of living and breathing skiing, from the moment they wake up in Chamonix, to the moment they go to sleep. Buy Dynastar skis online from Snowtrax, the trusted name in snowsports! 

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£ 424.95
The Dynastar Intense 10 is a precise piste ski for intermediate to advanced women who want full control on hard packed snow.
£ 349.95
The Dynastar Intense 8 is a precise piste ski for progressing intermediate skiers who want grip and precision through the turn and the confidence to progress.
£ 399.95
The Dynastar Legend W80 is a lightweight all mountain ski which is great on hard packed snow as well as has tip rocker for better performance in varied snow conditions.

Skis (3)

£ 230.97 RRP £ 384.95
The Dynastar Legend W80 Ski 2018 is a lightweight all mountain ski for women who are looking to ski a little bit of everything all over the mountain and features an active wood core.
£ 293.97 RRP £ 489.95
The Dynastar legend W84 Ski 2018 is a lightweight all mountain ski for women who want excellent performance on both groomed runs, as well as soft snow.
£ 299.97 RRP £ 499.95
The Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Ti Ski 2018 is a high performance ski for advanced skiers who want maximum grip and precision on groomed runs and quick edge to edge turns.


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