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Burton is the world's leading snowboarding company. No other brand has shaped the way we look at snowboarding more than Burton Snowboards. From introducing ground-breaking technologies like the ICS Channel, Burton Step-On Binding system or even the twin shaped snowboard you now take for granted, all the way through to supporting riders who have rewritten history like Shaun White and Mark McMorris. Here at Snowtrax store, we stock the complete range of Burton Snowboards products. From their innovative snowboards, to winter hats, jackets, gloves and other essential apparel for the slopes.

Body Armour (3)

£ 23.20 RRP £ 29.00
Wrist guards are super important for snowboarders of all levels, whether you’re attempting your first turns or your first double cork. Wrist breaks are one of the most common injuries sustained by...
£ 17.60 RRP £ 22.00
Anyone who’s fallen on their knees on some rather firm snow or on the dryslope will know how important knee pads are. These Burton Basic Knee pads are low profile and slide straight on….easy!
£ 87.20 RRP £ 109.00
The Burton Total Impact Short in Black is a low profile impact short that still provides ample protection by using G Forms Proprietary Impact Protection Technology. The G Form conforms to your body...


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