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List of products by manufacturer Lobster

Lobster Snowboards was started by the legendary Helgason brothers, Eiki and Halldor, so we always knew things would always be done a little differently with this brand! Both Eiki and Halldor have unique riding styles as well as unique tastes in snowboard design and artwork! Their desire to be different and do what they want to do rather than submit to the ideas of others has led to their brand becoming one of the most respected in the industry. Predominantly aimed at the freestyle corner of the market, Lobster snowboards are best for those who are looking for something more fun to ride with the intention of smashing park laps. Their boards feature a variety of unique tech to help pop, press and carve as well as their 3BT, a unique way of pressing their boards that increases stability and reduces hang ups.

Snowboards (2)

£ 272.97 RRP £ 389.95
The 2018 Lobster Eiki Pro Snowboard is a soft flexing board which has been designed with street and park progression in mind and features a fresh new shape with a bamboo core perfect for lap after...
£ 300.97 RRP £ 429.95
The Lobster Halldor Pro Asym Snowboard 2018 is the perfect park board which is built with an asymmetrical shape, yet the radii are the same making it great for big hard landings as well as carving...

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£ 359.96 RRP £ 399.95
The Lobster Eiki Pro Snowboard is an absolute beast in the street and the park and will change the way you look at the mountain, it features Lobsters Jib 3TB technology and a lightweight and poppy...
£ 386.96 RRP £ 429.95
The Lobster Halldor Pro Snowboard is the pro model of Halldor Helgason and can easily go over the whole mountain, it features Sidekick technology for super smooth and easy turn initiation and float...
£ 314.96 RRP £ 349.95
The Lobster Park Board is a poppy and flexible board designed for lapping the park like the name suggests and features a Twin 3BT shape as well as new Flex Walls for added vibration dampening.


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