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List of products by manufacturer Salomon

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Salomon are one of the world's largest ski and snowboard manufacturers. Their range includes not just the skis and boards themselves, but also top end winter sports equipment including helmets, boots, gloves, and even body armour. In short, Salomon make everything you need to have fun, stay safe, and look cool on the slopes! Snowtrax Store UK carry a comprehensive range of their products, from ski hats to snowboard boots, with free standard delivery if you spend £50 or more.

Salomon have long been the most innovative and progressive manufacturer on the planet. Plus, Salomon know how to make a fantastic ski boot. The Salomon Custom Shell range of ski boots provides a fully heat mouldable lower shell (clog)! That means that you can heat mold the shell and liner to get the right fit. Thanks to Salomon, custom ski boots are now available to the masses – and not just the Salomon race teams!

Snowboards (9)

£ 259.35 RRP £ 399.00
The 6 Piece from Salomon is Chris Greniers snowboard of choice for all things jib related. With a much softer flex and large rockered sections in the nose and tail, the 6 Piece is a hugely playful...
£ 252.85 RRP £ 389.00
The First Call is part of Salomons Hillside Project series where Wolle Nyvelt has designed the shape and construction from start to finish. The First Call is a tapered twin with Rock Out camber for...
£ 239.40 RRP £ 399.00
The Salomon Gypsy is a womens specific park board that crushes any feature you put in front of it. With a medium flex and Rock Out camber, the Gypsy can pop off the big jumps with precision as well...
£ 209.30 RRP £ 299.00
The Huck Knife Grom adapts the design from the adult version into a high performance kids version. For kids who are already doing bigger tricks than you, the Huck Knife is right on the money.
£ 233.40 RRP £ 389.00
The Salomon Huck Knife is a true twin freestyle board with a medium flex but with a more aggressive Quad Camber. This makes the Huck Knife a highly agile, super poppy park board that more than...
£ 179.40 RRP £ 299.00
The Salomon Oh Yeah womens snowboard has a softer flex, a true twin shape and Rock Out Camber. It is an extremely smooth ride that is super playful, perfect for park riders who love to get...
£ 239.40 RRP £ 399.00
The Super 8 is a wider snowboard that provides a stable platform for high speeds and hard turns! The camber under the back foot gives surgeon like control whilst the flat and wide nose helps keep...
£ 153.30 RRP £ 219.00
The Salomon Villain Grom is a softer flexing kids freestyle board that offers a bit more forgiveness than the Huck Knife in order to help learn new tricks or develop turns.
£ 299.40 RRP £ 499.00
Bode Merrill, probably one of the most underrated snowboarders in the world, conquers all environments on his snowboard from the parks to Alaskan powder. His board, The Ultimate Ride, is no...


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